The birth of the documentary film about Kotryna Jogailaitė

The birth of the documentary film about Kotryna Jogailaitė

In the photo is Gitana Platakytė, the director and producer of the documentary film.


Although Kotryna Jogailaitė, the daughter of the Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess Bona of Lithuania, lived almost 500 years ago, her incredible life story and the hard-earned title of Queen of Sweden still inspire the imagination of creators. "There is something eternal about all of us," says Gitana Platakytė, director and producer of the documentary film, moderator of self-development practices, according to a press release.

The filmmaker will combine two different genres - historical and psychological - in the documentary, so that today's people can look not only at the life of an extraordinary historical figure, but also at the depths of their own soul from an unexpected angle.

Over the years, only people's clothes and "toys" - clothes, weapons, jewelry and other things - change, but the essential values, the challenges of self-realization and the secrets of the eternal meaning of life remain the same. "The life story of the royal personality Kotryna Jogailaitė is an opportunity to delve into the secrets of leadership and self-development, which are relevant at all times. Even today, her story inspires the courage to be yourself, to discover inner strength and calmly, trusting your intuition, to accept changes that lead to discoveries," the film's director and producer G. Platakytė is convinced.

This film will not be an ordinary historical drama, but a synthesis of two different genres - historical and psychological documentary. The connection between 500 years ago Kotryna Jogailaitė and current people will be created in the film by self-development specialists using various practices, methods and techniques. While filming, today's people will feel the life of Queen Catherine and will find new insights on how to improve and realize their personality. Watching this event, the audience together with the film's participants will touch, feel and experience the eternal mysteries and discover their strengths.

Kotryna Jogailaitė's fate connects four countries - Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Sweden, so this film is an international project. Historians of the mentioned countries will tell about the facts of Queen Catherine's life, and filming will also take place in the castles where Queen Catherine lived. "The love story and merits of this royal woman are not inferior to her famous brother Žygimantas Augustus, it's just that Kotryna is not so widely known. I am sure that people are interested in the history of their country and the extraordinary life of Kotryna Jogailaitė will also be interesting to them," says the director of the film.

The filmmakers are optimistic about Lithuanians' attention to their history, because books and films in which extraordinary historical figures from the past of our country come to life are extremely popular in our country. For example, the historical novels of the writer Kristina Sabaliauskaitė are sold in Lithuania in incredible circulations, which are counted in the hundreds of thousands. And Ilona Skujaitė's debut historical novel about Kotryna Jogailaitė, "War Bride", which was published this year, became an instant bestseller - in the first 3 months, 3 editions of this book were published. Based on this book, Gerda Butkuvienė, a journalist and tourism communication specialist living in Sweden, prepared a tourist route on both sides of the Baltic through 4 countries "in the footsteps of Kotryna Jogailaitė" (a digital map can be found here).

A documentary film about this royal personality will be another attractive way for viewers to learn more about her, as Lithuanian historical films in our country are able to attract full theaters. For example, Tad Blinda. "The Beginning" attracted the attention of over 300,000 viewers and surpassed even the legendary "Titanic", while "Between the Gray Clouds", which attracted over 262,000 viewers, surpassed "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Due to its international nature, the film about Kotrynas Jogailaitė is relevant not only for the viewers of Lithuania, but also of neighboring countries, so it is planned to be shown in cinemas, festivals, cultural and educational institutions, embassies in Lithuania and abroad.