Intriguing facts of Kotryna Jogailaitė's life

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The author perfectly reveals a complex portrait of Kotryna Jogailaitė's personality, worthy not only of a novel, but also of a movie script, and the book is engaging from the first to the last sentence.

Historian and publicist Luka Lesauskaitė


The life of Kotryna Jogailaitė is no less intriguing than the love between her brother Žygimantas Augustus and Barbora Radvilaitė. This is the story of Cinderella from Vilnius. Only the fun begins after marriage.

–  Neringa Jucevičienė, "Daugiaveidis Vilnius" guide


A solid look at the life and love story of the youngest Jogailaitė - Kotryna.

Rasa Leonavičiūtė-Gecevičienė, Doctor of Humanities.


Book Description

From an unloved daughter to the Queen of Sweden

Queen Kotryna, the youngest sister of Žygimantas Augustus, lived in Vilnius unnoticed and unneeded - like Cinderella.

However, the fierce war with Moscow that broke out on the shores of the Baltic made her almost the most desirable bride in Europe.

Princes and rulers of Europe sought Queen Catherine's hand, and Tsar Ivan the Terrible of Moscow

simply chased maniacally, wanting to get her at any cost.

The fate of Kotryna Jogailaitė is no less intriguing than the famous fate of her brother Žygimantas Augustus

Barbora Radvilaitė's love drama. Kotryna got married at almost 36, a very mature age in those days,

for a man eleven years younger and transformed from an unnecessary queen into a powerful woman,

from unloved to desirable, from prisoner to queen.

Having survived the horrors of war, experienced betrayal, imprisonment and painful personal dramas, Kotryna Jogailaitė

did not break and managed to become the Queen of Sweden, respected on both sides of the Baltic Sea.

And although the life and love story of Queen Catherine reminds

Hollywood adventure thriller, fierce fights for throne and shocking melodrama,

it is a true story written in the stars when the historical figures mentioned in the book came into this world.

The novel "The Bride of War" consists of two parallel stories about Kotryna Jogailaitė and

her husband, Prince of Sweden and Duke of Finland, John Vaz. These are two thrilling threads of love and war,

royal games of women and men intertwining in an intriguing drama full of passion,

betrayals, power struggles and the 16th century. Secrets of the ruling palaces of Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, and Moscow.


"This is a historical novel based on real facts, written very easily and with high quality. The story about Kotryna Jogailaitė, I think, will definitely be news to our readers - a very interesting and strong debut of the author".

Literature expert Vitalija Maksvytė

About the author

Ilona Skujaitė is a journalist and communication specialist who is in love with the history of Lithuania. Author of articles on military, aviation and business topics, former co-author of LRT television and TV 6 shows, screenwriter of documentaries about the Lithuanian army.

Photo by Mantas Golubev.